Zafaran team
Zafaran team at Tehran refinery's sulphur solidification unit

Zafaran Industrial Group, established in 1980 by Jafar Z. Sadeghian in Tehran, Iran built its reputation by successfully completing projects in various fields in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries in its first years.

After 20 years, Zafaran began transitioning itself from a company engaged in a variety of industrial fields to one dedicated to the sulphur solidification, sulphur forming and sulphur fertilizer unit. A sulphur Bentonite fertilizer factory setup in 2006 helped Zafaran establish itself amongst the leading worldwide manufacturers of this product. As an ISO 9001 certified company, the high quality and competitive pricing of Zafaran's production soon generated enough demand from markets to compel the company to export its production activities to different markets.

Today, Zafaran's primary focus is sulphur solidification and sulphur forming. By leveraging the latest global technologies and its own expertise and experience in sulphur solidification and sulphur forming, Zafaran is manufacturing sulphur Granulation and Pastillation units for use at refineries worldwide.