South Pars Gas Development Field Phases 20 & 21

South Pars Phase 12-21 SSU
South Pars Phase 12-21 Sulphur Solidification Unit (3D model)

Phases 20 and 21 development was awarded to OIEC. These phases will produce 50 million cubic meters per day Natural Gas, 80,000 barrels per day Stabilized Condensate, 1 million tons per year LPG, 1 million tons per year Ethane Gas and 400 tons per day Sulphur.

Sulphur Solidification Unit

Capacity 1,440 tons per day
Method Granulation
Client Oil Industries' Engineering and Construction (OIEC)
Delivery Date 2013
Status Under construction
Location Assaluyeh - Iran
Feed Liquid Sulphur from SRU Plant
Product Granulation (spherical shape)
Number of trains 4
Train capacity 15 Ton per hour / 360 Ton per day
Storage 2 X 1100 tons = 2,200 ton silo
Handling Rubber belt conveyor and Bucket elevator
  • Granulator drum
  • Cyclone filter and exhaust fans
  • Sulphur buffer pit
  • Liquid Sulphur filter and pump group
  • Granulated Sulphur conveyors
  • Granulated Sulphur elevators
  • Granulated Sulphur screeners
  • Bulk Sulphur re-melter
  • Storage silos
  • Telescopic Unloader
  • PLC controlling system and instrument
  • Electrical VFD
  • Cooling water tank & pump Group