South Pars Gas Development Field Phase 17 & 18

South Pars Phase 17-18 SSU
South Pars Phase 17-18 Sulphur Solidification Unit (3D model)

The EPC contract for the development of phases 17 & 18 was awarded to a consortium of IDRO, OIEC and IOEC. OIEC and IDRO are responsible for the onshore section and IOEC for the offshore facilities including platforms and subsea pipelines. The offshore facilities of phases 17 and 18 are 100 kilometers away from Assalluyeh. Two production platforms with 22 gas wells form the core of the project. The project also entails two 32" pipelines for transferring gas and two 4" pipelines for MEG. The onshore refinery of phases 17 & 18 is located alongside the facilities for phases 9 and 10. The refinery consists of four gas sweetening units, condensate stabilization unit and corresponding storage tanks, sweetening, dehydration, refrigeration and separation units for Ethane, Propane and Butane, gas de-mercaptanization and compression unit, Sulphur recovery and granulation unit and Mono Ethylene Glycol regeneration unit.

Sulphur Solidification Unit

Capacity 800 tons per day
Method Pastillation
Client Industrial Projects Management of Iran (IPMI)
Delivery Date 2013
Status Under construction
Location Assaluyeh - Iran
Feed Liquid Sulphur from SRU Plant
Product Pastillation (hemispherical shape)
Number of trains 8
Train capacity 5 tons per hour / 120 tons per day
Storage 2 X 1100 tons = 2,200 tons silo
Handling Rubber belt conveyor and bucket elevator
  • Cooler steel belt
  • Pastillator machine
  • Exhaust fan
  • Liquid Sulphur Filter and Pump Group
  • Granulated Sulphur Conveyors
  • Granulated Sulphur Elevator
  • Sulphur drain tank and transfer pumps
  • Storage Silos
  • Telescopic Unloader
  • PLC controlling system and Instrument
  • Switchgear and LCS
  • Cooling water pit & pump Group
  • Liquid sulphur pre-conditioner
  • Release agent applicators and vessels