Sulphur Bentonite Solidification Package

Zafaran Sulphur Bentonite fertilizer on steel belt cooler

Sulphur is vital for life, and essential for plant growth. Like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, Sulphur is one of the nutrients essential to plant life. It contributes to higher crop yields and quality in different ways like: Provides a direct nutritional value, Improves the efficiency of other essential nutrient to plant, particularly N, P and some micronutrients, like Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn and B, Improves crop production quality by increasing the percentage of protein and oil in seeds, cereal quality for milling and baking, nutritional value and marketability of vegetables and fruits, quality of tobacco, nutritive value of forages,… etc.

In general, Sulphur has similar functions in plant growth and nutrition to N and plant requirements for Sulphur are comparable to P. This Sulphur Bentonite Plant is producing premium quality elemental Sulphur fertilizer and export to different countries.

Sulphur Solidification Unit

Capacity 120 tons per day
Method Pastillation
Client Zafaran
Delivery Date 2006
Status Completed
Location Eshtehard - Iran
Feed Liquid sulphur from re-melting tank
Product Sulphur bentonite fertilizer
Number of trains 1
Train capacity 5 tons per hour (120 tons per day)
Storage 50 ton silo
Handling Rubber belt conveyor
  • Steel belt cooler
  • Pastillator machine
  • Sulphur remelting tank
  • Mixer vessel
  • Surge vessel
  • Liquid sulphur filter and pump group
  • Liquid sulphur transfer pump group
  • Cooling tower
  • Solidified sulphur Bentonite bucket belt conveyor
  • Bentonite screw conveyor
  • Steam generator boilers
  • Lump sulphur Bentonite bucket belt conveyor
  • Storage silos (product and bentonite)
  • Controlling systems and associated instruments
  • MCC and switchgear
  • 25 kg packing system
  • 1,000 kg packaging system